Life is transitory and can quickly change from one day to the next. Today I have a lot of problems and I don’t have all the answers, but God is the solution to all problems. That’s where I turn to for solace and comfort. I was living abroad developing a real estate tourism project and government liked it. So much so that they made a new law that expanded the borders of a national park and took it from me. They wouldn’t let me keep developing, tore down the gates, poisoned my dog, and threatened to kill me. I quickly sold everything I could and came home. We’re in the middle of international court proceedings now, if we lose, I’ll lose everything. Even though your prayers don’t always get answered right away, God is faithful over time and answers are sometimes different from what you thought and something better might be other side. I haven’t identified what’s the better thing on other side yet, but I’m glad this loss happened. It’s helped me get to the point as a man where my identity isn’t tied up in my career or this law suit, it’s defined by my relationships with people and God.

20180426 Michael scale

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