I walk a lot and mingle with a lot of people; old, young, crazy, not so crazy, drunk, high, and sober. I walk for miles all across this city and have not had any trouble. The last two Thursdays I got free food. Last Thursday after work I decided to walk 5 miles to get some cinnamon rolls. I got there at 2:45 and they close at three. They asked if I wanted them for here or to go. I said I’ll take it to go and they gave it to me for free!

This Thursday I walked to Yassa [restaurant] and saw a pastor I’ve been working with for years. We talked for a while and I gave him some talking pieces that I had just bought. When it was time to pay for my meal, I found out that they paid for me!

All this just reinforces that there’s a whole lot more good in the world than anything else.

These shoes capture my tropical spirit and they’re comfortable so it gives off the Mr. Rogers feel.

20180413 Shedrick scale20180413 Shedrick 2 scale20180413 Shedrick 1 scale

One thought on “Shedrick

  1. What a beautiful day in the neighborhood! You must be as generous as those who showed you kindness (the world is round, after all)…


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