Rosell & Nylani

Being a mom is the most beautiful experience ever, but I didn’t expect that she’d grow up so fast. Nylani started walking at 8 months. She’s so independent already, I thought I’d be doing a lot more things for her at this point, but I’m really just teaching her and she’s doing things by herself.

I also have custody of my 11 year old cousin. She thinks she’s slick, but I know all of her games. I have an extra phone that I use for Uber and she tries to take it and go to school with it. The other day I took Nylani to daycare early and left the bedroom door unlocked. My cousin snuck back into the house after she supposedly left to walk to school. I come to the house to get ready for work and I caught her in my room looking for the phone. I was more upset that she was late for school.

20180501 Rosell & Nylani scale

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