You’d learn that being a writer isn’t just about passion it’s about effort and consistency. Working only when you have inspiration won’t get you very far. I wake up at a similar time and write for 2-3 hours. Sometimes things come and sometimes I just sit at my computer and try to think of something and nothing comes, but it’ll never come if you don’t try. It doesn’t mean it’ll be great. It might take a week of writing shitty stuff, but then one day something is actually there. Right now I’m working on a short story about father and son lost at sea. It’s a split narrative told in present tense from their perspectives and future tense from someone trying to rescue them, it’s pretty bleak at the end. When I write things like that people think the feelings I’m conveying come from my experience, but I’m really just trying to figure out how others would feel in the situations I create.

20180505 Kent scale

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