Views From My Board

20180420 Danyel scale

Take a peek into the lives of the skaters who shared their views+shoes as you “skate” into the weekend. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you might even cry, and maaaybe you’ll pick up some kickflip tips along the way.

20180420 Damien scale

You’d learn that if you take things slow and steady and don’t let the haters discourage you, you’ll eventually reach your goal. It works for skating and life. You might not land a trick the first or second try, but if you keep working you’ll eventually land it. I’ve been trying to finish school for a while, but I kept working and I’m graduating on the 5th.” -Damien

20180502 Rickey scale

Buy shoe inserts if you need them. I was on my feet all day in shoes without inserts and they’re hurting pretty bad, that’s why I’m not really skating right now.” -Rickey

20180501 Chris scale

“I’m studying culinary arts working to be a chef. My mom got me into cooking. We’re Puerto Rican, but she’s moved a lot so she was introduced to many different flavors and showed me a lot of new things foodwise. Steak is my favorite thing to cook because there are so many different cuts and so many different ways to prepare it. You can make it taste good by just searing it but if you have better techniques you can make it taste even better. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s you can never stop learning new techniques as a chef. That’s what I love about the job I have now. It’s my first job in a professional kitchen. I cooked for my girlfriend’s brother, who’s also a chef, at their house and he liked it, so he recommended me to this hotel downtown. They do everything from Irish, Spanish, Chinese, etc. We just had to cater an event with Peruvian and Argentinian food. It was fun finding the recipies for the different sauces and trying them out over and over until we get it just right. Sometimes its a love-hate relationship, kinda like skateboarding. You can try a trick and take 80 hard falls, but when you land it once it’s worth it!” -Chris

20180502 Brady scale

You’d learn that a 40 hour work week is no fun, but I try to find the joy and fun in the little things like riding my bike to work. It also helps to not be lazy with my free time and not be a recluse. Last summer I was so stressed out about work that I spent a lot of free time on the couch. Now I’m trying to hang out with friends more and try new things. I’ve lived here for 5 years and I’ve never gone to the beach.” -Brady

20180502 Xavier 1 scale

You’d learn that family is #1, no matter what. My dad is a drug addict, and no matter how many times he gets locked up, I’m always gonna care about him, even if I don’t respect him as a man or as a father. We never had the relationship where I looked up to him or he was my best friend, but he’s mine. Now that I’m older, I understand some of the things he went through. The way I love him has changed but the love stays the same. Kind of like my mom with me. I know she hates my guts right now. She moved away to North Carolina and I haven’t seen her in two years, we really only message on birthdays and Christmas. I was getting in trouble with the cops all the time. She would say I’m just like my dad. But I’m not exactly like him. I spent time doing criminal stuff, but I’m done. He still does it. I went to jail last year. I was facing 3 years in prison on a drug charge and was really feeling like I let my parents down and made me think if this is the lifestyle I want for myself. I called my mom because she was the only person I could turn to and she wired me money for bail. She didn’t want to get involved becasue I’m grown, but she did. I know she resents me, but I talked to her last month for her birthday and told her I don’t do anything hardcore anymore like xanax or coke (I still smoke weed). I just work at TGIF and come here [to skate] everyday. It’s my outlet.” -Xavier

20180501 Ernesto scale

You’d struggle with impulse buying. A few hours ago I bought some shoes I knew I could do without. I didn’t need them, but I saw them, and I liked them, so I was like #TreatYourself! The craziest thing I bought was a firearm. I have a conceal carry and I was at the gun range with my uncle a week ago. I tried a Glock 17 and loved the way it fired, so I bought it. But I’ve improved. I work at a Vans store so I used to spend my paycheck on shirts and shoes as soon as I got paid. Before I buy, I check my account and deduct the necessities (phone, food, etc.) to make sure I have enough. Now I make bigger purchases rather than a lot of little purchases. I’ve heard the wait 30 days method and I tried it, for a week…well a couple days. But then I thought to myself what if I die tomorrow? At least I’ll die happy.” -Ernesto

20180502 James scale

Always bring an extra pair of socks. Your feet get really sweaty” -Brady

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