Fairy Prom Mother’s Ball

20180414 April scaleApril just celebrated her 55th birthday, but instead of having people give her gifts like perfume or jewelry, she asked her family and friends to donate dresses, shoes, jewelry, etc. so 55 girls could have a truly special prom experience. She hosted “Fairy Prom Mother’s Ball” events, complete with food and a DJ, so the girls could pick out their outfits. See NBC’s story about April here and enjoy some views from the event below.

20180414 Karla scale


Karla is one of dozens of girls who couldn’t stop smiling after being outfitted for prom at the Fairy Prom Mother’s Ball.

20180414 Debra scale

This event couldn’t have happened without dozens of prom aunties and uncles who donate materials, time, and money. Here are the views from Debra’s shoes:

“God is very good. April and I share a nephew. 6 months ago my husband passed away. I was sitting at home thinking about what I wanted to do. When I saw April’s post decided I wanted to participate. I gave 8 dresses and pairs shoes, but decided I wanted to do more. I “adopted” a girl who was having trouble finding a size 24 dress and I’m sponsoring everything for her prom, from, hair, tickets, mani-pedi, limo, and a dress tailored to her.”

Some of the abundance from a caring community:

20180414 shoes scale20180414 Jewelry scale20180414 dresses1 scale20180414 shoes2 scale

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